Top 10 Toxic Foods We Like To Eat

3. Cherries

Cherries are widely used in many drinks and ice creams . Like Apple seeds cherry pits also contains cyanide compounds. Unlike Apple seeds the chances for cherry pits consumption is higher. In fact it taste good.

The poison only released from crushed cherry seeds. In case of crushing poisoning will occur and cyanide elements disable the ability of blood in transportation of oxygen. The presence of cyanide within your blood also lead to head ache, anxiety and rise in blood pressure.



Cherry — this is one of the most multi-faceted gifts of nature. Cherries can be eaten raw, because it serves, baked in pies, jams and make drinks. It is loved by all cherry liqueur recipe is every woman knows. Despite this, cherry, more precisely in her bones, severe toxic substances contained.

If you szhuete cherry pit or will simply roll over it in your mouth, you will safely admit a certain amount of cyanide in their bodies. When the bone is cracked cherries, ivy chokes or even in any way damaged, it immediately releases the prussic acid. Symptoms of mild poisoning — headache, dizziness, anxiety and nausea. Large doses of hydrocyanic acid lead to difficulty breathing, increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate, and kidney failure. Reactions lead to coma, convulsions, and death from respiration failure.

Interesting fact: Cherries contain extremely high levels of melatonin, which helps the body to keep yourself in good shape.