Top 10 Toxic Foods We Like To Eat

10. Puffer fish



Puffer fish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world. It’s internal organs and skin contains highly poisonous tetrodotoxin. Surprisingly putter fish still used as a food item in China, Japan and Korea. The awful recipe is called as ‘fugu’ in Japan.

Only the specially trained chefs have the rights to cook and serve fugu dish. It is quite hard to qualify in testing to deal with puffer fish. More than 70 percentage of test end with death of trainees.

Putter fish contains toxic elements 100 times than that of cyanides. One putter fish itself enough to kill up to 30 people. The consumption of puffer fish without taking precautions result in decreasing of blood pressure, vomiting, stop the body from taking breath and end up with death. In some cases the toxin of puffer fish paralyses the body or it causes coma.