Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

4. Lotus



What would be your reaction on spotting a lotus in a murky pond? Of course an instant wow…! Would appear on your face. Regardless of how dirty the pond or grows, nobody could ignore the beauty of a lotus. It is a sacred flower for Buddhists and symbolizes purity, harmony divinity and grace.

Lotus is one of the beautiful aquatic flowers that found in shallow, murky waters. They can’t survive in the cold climate. Lotus need full Sunshine for healthy growth. This light sensitive flower opens in the morning and closes at night.

The showy lotus flowers mainly found in pink and white colors. Each lotus has attractive, multi-layered petals with a central head. Both flowers and leaves float above the water surface.

Lotuses can as large as 20 cm in diameter. Their perfectly round shaped leaves also grow up to 60 cm across. Apart from the beauty, lotuses are also known for their pleasant fragrance