Top 10 Healthiest Foods In The World

2. Apple



The crispy and juicy apples are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Undoubtedly apple is a nutritional powerhouse, because it is rich in dietary fiber, phytonutrients, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B-6. Apples are also low in calories and have many health benefits.

Health benefits of apple

— The regular intake of apple juice can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and keep the brain young and active. Because apple contains high level of neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine.
— The high level of fiber content in apples can protect against Parkinson’s disease.
— The daily intake of apple provide cardiovascular benefits. It is because of the high level of fibers and polyphenols present in apples.
— The presence of soluble fiber in apples can regulate the level of cholesterol in your blood. In that way apples help to prevent against numerous heart diseases.
— The antioxidant properties of apple can improve your immune system, prevent cataracts, and lower the risk of asthma, cancer and stroke.
— Apples are low in calories. Add apples to your daily diet for better weight management.
— The apple cider vinegar can prevent against kidney stones.