Top 10 Healthiest Foods In The World

5. Salmon



The salmon fish is packed with good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. It can be one of the best foods you should add to your diet list. Choose only the wild or organically farmed salmons. Because many of pink colored salmons you see in the supermarkets are a result of heavy use of dyes.

Health benefits of salmon

— Salmons contain two important omega 3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. These omega 3 fatty acids prevent against cardiovascular disease, brain diseases, reduce inflammation and blood clots.
— The DHA omega 3 fatty acids in salmon can also improve your immune system and brain functioning.
— The natural hormone called ‘calcitonin’ that present in salmon can regulate the calcium level in your body. It helps to improve the bone mass and density. So the salmon can be a great food for people with osteoarthritis, a medical condition that weaken bones.
— The Vitamin D and Selenium in salmon can regulate the level of insulin in your body.
— The omega 3 fatty acids present in salmon fishes are also great for healthy eyes. The sufficient intake of salmons can reduce the risk of numerous eye problems such as chronic dry eye and macular degeneration.
— Salmon is also a great food to improve your mood and cognition.