Top 10 Best Wedding Flowers In The World

3. Calla Lily



The large calla lily flower is a traditional wedding flower native to Africa. The trumpet shaped comes in pink, yellow, purple and orange colors. It is also lightly fragrant.

There are two different types of calla lily flowers used for wedding purposes. Large flowers with long stems are used for making bouquets and small flowers used for boutonnieres. The Greek word ‘calla’ means beautiful. The elegant calla lily flowers are expensive and available year around.

Calla (bog arum, marsh calla, wild calla, and water-arum) is a genus of flowering plant in the family Araceae, containing the single species Calla palustris. It is native to cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, in central, eastern and northern Europe (France and Norway eastward), northern Asia and northern North America (Alaska, Canada, and northeastern contiguous United States).

It is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant growing in bogs and ponds. The leaves are rounded to heart-shaped, 6–12 centimetres (2.4–4.7 in) long on a 10–20 centimetres (3.9–7.9 in) petiole, and 4–12 centimetres (1.6–4.7 in) broad. The greenish-yellow inflorescence is produced on a spadix about 4–6 centimetres (1.6–2.4 in) long, enclosed in a white spathe. The fruit is a cluster of red berries, each berry containing several seeds.

The plant is very poisonous when fresh due to its high oxalic acid content, but the rhizome (like that of Caladium, Colocasia, and Arum) is edible after drying, grinding, leaching and boiling.

The genus formerly also included a number of other species, which have now been transferred to the separate genus Zantedeschia. These plants, from tropical Africa are, however, still often termed «calla lilies», but should not be confused with C. palustris.